The Belami is a 30m vintage yacht designed from the famous American designer, Cox & Stevens. The boat’s essential design and look are still based on the Sea Dream and Reomar III boats from back then; however some modifications have been made derived from the modern technologies (mechanical part of the boat) and interior design.

The Belami (taking her name from the Guy De Maupassant novel written in 1885) can accommodate up to 8 passengers within 4 cabins. The boat itself has the elegant style of the 20’s and 30’s with luxurious interior design and services.

Built in 2016, the Tamassou is a 37m boat (128f) liveaboard boat built in Vietnam that can accommodate up to 12 passengers within six luxury cabins of 22m fully equipped.

The Tamassou offers a liveaboard experience of 4 days/3 nights/10 dives around Phu Quoc and the surrounding 4 archipelagos : Nam du, Tho Chu, Anh Thoi, and Hon Rai.

L’Amant is a 39m boat built in Vietnam taking once again the famous design of Cox & Stevens. The boat can accommodate up to 24 passengers within 12 cabins of 16m2.

L’Amant takes her name from the famous authors Marguerite Duras who spent her early childhood in Sa Dec City in the midst of the Mekong Delta, and whose writings were evoked by the sophistication of the past.

Co Saigon is a 21m boat built in Vietnam following the design of the Seine River in Paris ‘bateau mouche’. The boat can accommodate up to 25 people for catering event or a 1 day cruise along the Mekong River.

The passengers will be comfortably seated, with the choice between the 40sqm air conditioned indoor salon (equipped with 2 bars, 1 bathroom/wc cabin, sofas and tables) and the 16sqm open air back side U shaped deck.

The Indochine a luxurious, stylish and cosy 50m river boat that can accommodate up to 48 passengers in 24 cabins. Onboard passengers can enjoy movies, fine dining, conferences, and numerous cultural activities in Indochine’s air conditioned bar / lounge.

The ship also has a spacious restaurant at the back of the upper deck where guests are able to relish delightful Continental and Asian cuisine. Spacious cabins are equipped with security boxes, hot-showers, central A/C and large storage space.

The Lan Diep is 22 cabin river vessel, inspired by the Mekong’s ancient tradition of river boat building. This vessel is spacious, luxurious and oozes quality. Lan Diep’s strong metallic hull is gently embedded in an exquisite wood colonial-styled finishing.

The Lan Diep was builted with comfort and security in mind. Spacious cabins are equipped with security boxes, hot-showers, central A/C and large storage space.