Who said we cannot revive the past? Certainly not Mekong Horizon that take you on a journey in the past onboard of the typical sampan, along the Mekong River.

Since March 2003, Mekong Horizon operates an own-built flotilla of 12 boats reflecting true authentic ancient sampans using materials such as rattan, bamboo and exotic wood.

There are no words to describe how enchanting South East Asia is. From the kaleidoscopic versatility of its landscape to the culinary delights, it can be explored to no end, without much damage to the wallet. Quite logically, if a country is a popular budget travel destination, chances are it will make for a splendid permanent abode.

Asia has always been one of the favourite destinations of dreamers or backpackers in search of idyllic sceneries and discovery. Some just decide to take 6 months off to travel the continent with always the same itinerary in mind (Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and sometimes India if time and money allow it); that’s the category of travellers we can find in the backpackers areas, also known as Tay ba lo in Vietnam. Some others even decide to stay for a while, creating some sort of Occidental groups also known as expats. (We can include here people on sabbatical leave).

For the backpackers, all these so called districts are a tiny piece of heaven, full of bars, shops and street restaurant that never close, and where alcohol is served 24/7.

Let’s have look at the most popular destinations:

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And you thought you have seen it all... If there is one thing that has to be seen to be believed it is definitely the giant ant hill that is the traffic in Vietnam. I am not even sure there is a word to describe the mess this is and even though it is chaos (especially during rush hour) it flows!
It can be really difficult to find a hotel as there are so many different criteria to take into account: Price, location, amenities, what's included and what is not (the ++ can be a stab in the back), gym, swimming pool, pick up...

However, when you have what it takes to book an awesome hotel and you are looking for the best accomodations in the world, check out the following list. From the weirdest to the most beautiful hotels or from the most unusual and less expected rooms.

You are in for a treat!

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